PayPal integration upgrade

I received an email asking me to upgrade my PayPal integration, how can I do this? Will I need to change anything about my account and what happens to the old integration? I just need to make sure I can take payments with no interruption.

Hi Ed,

If you access Settings > Payment Methods within your admin system and click “Get started” under the PayPal banner you can log into your existing PayPal account and it will automatically connect you up to the new integration.

Once logged in and returned to the PayPal Settings page, you can set PayPal to be “Active” and “Visible”.

The final step is to set what types of PayPal payment gateways you want to offer at checkout:

  • Enabling PayPal Payments will activate the classic PayPal payment option you know and love at checkout. When checking out via this route, your customers will be offered various different ways to pay inside PayPal. We strongly recommend you activate this to continue offering a PayPal branded option on your checkout!

  • Enabling PayPal Card Processing allows you to accept Debit/Credit card payments directly on your checkout. Customers will see an unbranded form allowing them to enter card details and checkout without leaving your site. You won’t need to activate this if you offer another card payment option at checkout. If you only offer PayPal, activating this will give non-PayPal account holders the opportunity to checkout on your shop.

Once you have enabled the right option for you, click Save in the top right and you are good to go. The old integration will be auto removed.

Hopefully this helps!

I’m also going to enclose some FAQs we’ve prepared to help clarify any further details:

PayPal Integration Upgrade FAQs

  • Do I have to create a new PayPal account?

    • No, just log in with your existing PayPal account.
  • How to I activate PayPal on the settings page?

    • Set the payment method to active and visible, then under “Payment Options” Enable PayPal Payments and / or PayPal Card Processing
  • What are PayPal Payments and / or PayPal Card Processing?

    • PayPal Payments is classic PayPal - the customer gets redirected to PayPal to choose their way to pay inside PayPal. We recommend everyone using the integration activates this!
    • PayPal Card Processing is a new way for customers to pay via Debit/Credit form inline in a merchants checkout, much like Stripe.
  • Do I have to delete my old PayPal Express integration?

    • No, by activating and enabling the new PayPal, the old integration will be auto removed!
  • Does it function with Apple/Google Pay as Stripe?

    • No, the PayPal Card Processing function does not support Apple/Google Pay. That feature is currently exclusive to Stripe.
  • What are the transaction fees for using this integration?

    • Card payments made via the PayPal Card Processing feature will be charged at 1.8% + 20p per transaction (3.9% for Amex) (See more details here: Fee Table)
    • Payments made via PayPal Payments will continue to be charged at the same rate.